There is no all-in-one good solution for sustainable content creation and capturing the whole value of the creatives


Of creators rely on brand deals for the majority of their income


people around the world consider themselves creators


The Creator's Economy Market Size

Problem & Opportunity

Most creators struggle to find financial security..

Our community empowers creators to seamlessly monetize and convert their content to the sustainably profitable business.

Content creation has relatively low ROI..

Our ecosystem offers various revenue sources and tools to match creators' styles and focus on what they create, no matter how niche.  

Community ownership and portability..

Our Web3 tech decentralizes the entire content system and enables creators and users to control their own destiny.


New Founders

Consumers | Fans | Users
Investors | Evangelists | Advocates

Community Partners

How it works

Build a more sustainable and viable IP symbiosis ecosystem


empowers the project bootstrapping

Revenue Sharing

eliminates the barrier among all ​participants


Builds more attractive IP branding


brings circulation and liquidity to the IP

IP Licensing

discover the true power of IP

Monetization Legos

enables various of income channels

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